Like most gardeners, I yearn for the warmer Spring weather as this is a time when we can start to get productive in the garden or the allotment. Perhaps though I am a fair-weather gardener because really there should be no excuse for not working on the allotment even in the depths of the winter as there is always something to do. Tasks such as digging are great to do in the winter as this is vital prep for Spring seed sowing. So, if you haven’t got out into your veg patch yet, now is the time to dig it over. Don’t forget though to spread a good layer of Wonderpost on the ground and as you turn over the soil with your spade you will be incorporate valuable organic matter into your veg patch, a process that will give your veg a super-powered growing environment this year. 

Of course many of you hardy gardeners have already dug your veg patch and you might now be wistfully thinking of other tasks you could be doing. Here in Suffolk, it has been rather wet which has hampered many gardening activities but if you can’t get out into the garden what better way to spend a cold winters evening than sat in front of the fire surrounded by seed catalogues (and your favourite tipple)  planning what you will grow this year. But as you do this make sure you have your tablet or smartphone to hand and look at our web site too, as we have a range of organic seeds available for the Spring – we tested many varieties on our Wonderpsot allotment last year and I can vouch for the performance of the seeds we sell. Thankfully Spring is nearly here, so make sure you are ready for those warmer days – dig over your plot and order your seeds. 

Happy gardening.