I often think that a day spent working in the garden can be physically rewarding for my old body. After all, the garden is often referred to as ‘the green gym’ as many gardening activities provide some light and gentle exercise. After weeks of traveling in the car which has involved journeys to Scotland and Holland, I’m in real need of a session in the ‘Green Gym’ and I am itching to get going on our Wonderpost allotment. However, pictures of me in action will not happen for at least 10 days as I still have a few journeys to make before I have some free time. Despite that I often find that gardeners, when actually not gardening are still thinking about it, and I am no exception.

Yesterday, in anticipation of some free time spent on the allotment I visited my local garden centre and bought some onion sets. The soil around our part of Suffolk is particularly good for growing onions and if you drive out towards Bawdsey you will see fields and fields of them growing in the light sandy soil. Onions like loose loam soil rather than heavy clay and as they have shallow roots they particularly benefit from the addition of organic matter to the top few inches of the soil … Which is just as well as we have covered half of our allotment with our fantastic soil improver.

I have bought two varieties of onions, Electric and Troy and will be planting 25 of each in both sides our plot. I am anticipating that those planted in the half that has been treated with Wonderpost to do very well. In the meantime, I’m off to Holland which is a Mecca for plants. You never know I might even pick up some fruit plants for our allotment!