I’ve gone garlic mad!

Avid viewers of our Wonderpost allotment videos will recall that I recently planted some garlic cloves. They were a variety called Cristo and produced by Taylor’s Bulbs. After planting I thought, “well that’s enough garlic to see us alright for next year” but this weekend I couldn’t resist making a spontaneous purchase of more garlic bulbs.
On Saturday I visited the RHS Urban Garden Show in Vincent Square, London and the first stall I stumbled across was The Garlic Farm, a business located on the Isle of Wight, selling – yes, you’ve guessed it – garlic products including garlic bulbs for planting. I chose two varieties, Early Purple White and Elephant Garlic. Early Purple White originates in South West France and should crop in May. Apparently it has a zingy flavour and is best eaten shortly after harvesting. Elephant Garlic on the other hand is best described as a fat bottomed leek with garlic tendencies. The guy from The Garlic Farm assured me that each clove would produce pretty big bulbs. You can see the size of the cloves in this picture. The Elephant Garlic are the one’s on the right and the Early Purple White, on the left of the picture.
This weekend I’m going to break up the bulbs of the Early Purple variety and plant the cloves on the Wonderpost allotment. I’m then going to plant the 2 cloves of Elephant Garlic in some containers with a mix of garden soil and Wonderpost.
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