Neville can't cook without Onions

As a vegetarian I find onions an essential ingredient in a savoury dish and of course they are fantastically versatile. Onions for me are a natural choice to plant in the Wonderpost allotment and so after several weeks of travelling I was able to get on to the allotment this week and start to do some gardening. It felt fantastic to be outside with the sun on my back and breathing in the Suffolk air (carry on like this and I’m in danger of getting poetically!). Tuesday was a great day for gardening, so I packed up my tools in the car and drove over to Roger’s. In my absence he has been working hard on the allotment, putting in rabbit fencing and even a scarecrow!

I have planted two types of onions. The variety called Electric has pink tinged flesh and the other variety, Troy is a white onion with good resistance to disease. To thrive onions require a well prepared bed with soil that is free draining that’s fine for us as that is exactly what we have in Hasketon at the allotment.

I planted the onion sets in two rows 25 of each went into the half of the plot that has been prepared with our brilliant Wonderpost soil improver, the other 25 went in the half that we have left untreated. I did put an application of Fast Grow Seaweed fertiliser on to both sides of the plot and used an application rate of 150 grams per sq metre.

In true management style I delegated the watering to Roger but they also got a good soak on Wednesday night when it rained a bit. I’ve also delegated to Roger the task of looking at the new planting to make sure that birds have not disturbed the sets. He is going to need to do this until growth starts (I haven’t told him that yet!).

The onions will be ready to harvest in mid Summer when the leaves begin to die down.

If you lived in Woodbridge during the 1980’s you might remember a fancy restaurant called La Provencal up on Market Hill? They used to make a wonderful French onion soup and I would love to recreate this recipe with our Wonderpost fuelled onions but there’s a problem I don’t eat any meat products and this recipe requires a decent beef stock!

Ah well, I will have to try and think of another signature onion dish.

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