Firstly, a little story about ignorance…

We’ve got a neighbour who had a beautiful little apple tree in their garden. It wasn’t very old, maybe ten years, but it gave a little fruit every year that was passable. What was very nice is that some branches hung over our back fence and we’d eat the apples that dropped into our garden. Very neighbourly as we’d bring the woman who lived there a bottle of wine every now and again.

Anyway, we got home one day to witness the son chopping it down. Charlotte was very upset because the tree was like a family member and she decided to displace her rage by planting a couple of apple trees in our garden, which is not big. Her mum, Jane, left her a couple of really beautiful Italianate terra cotta’s that just seemed ideal. We, of course, used Wonderpost to help the trees feel comfortable in their new home.

So not really a tale of the allotment, but perhaps in the spirit of the allotment, and a tale of hope in the face of ignorance. I mean, chop down an apple tree, really!!!